Bad Reviews are Bad for Business: Wrong!

Quick insights into Digital Marketing Do’s and Don’ts to grow your brand using ‘negative’ reviews on Social Media

A negative review on social media sites can feel like a catastrophic event for a business owner. What it is, is an opportunity to delve into the real reasons someone felt so compelled to go to the effort of writing that negative review. Negative reviews on social media offers your business an ideal opportunity to change a negative opinion about your business and to better train your staff in awareness of the power of Social Media.

Below is a shareable quick insight for small businesses to use in training staff to better handle negative reviews.

Digital Marketing Advice on Growing Your Brand

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Digitally Growing Your Brand through Customer centered ideologies

One of the worst things about being in business is that you never truly know what customers think until it’s too late. Bam! There’s a bad review and you want to choke, hide and delete it immediately taking it very personally in every respect.

Do Not Hide! Do not feel ashamed!

Be Grateful that someone felt so strongly that they took their time to tell you how they felt, what they experienced and their dismay at spending their hard earned money for lackluster service or substandard products. This is the most exciting thing to have happened to your business because that client has provided you with vital business growth information that could be a game-changer from mediocre to soaring profits.

Customer Complaints offer your business an opportunity to:

  1. Grow Brand Advocates through successfully resolving the customers issues
  2. Fix fundamental issues within your business you were clearly not aware of
  3. Show potential customers that even though you made a mistake, you are willing to Learn from it to create a better customer experience
  4. Train your staff to be better at their jobs and in understanding the power of social media
  5.  Train your staff to embrace social media as a means to growing your brand
  6. Increase client spend by giving better service and listening more carefully to customer demands.


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