May 12, 2016

Brand Management

Brand Management

This includes Reputation Management, Brand Footprint, Brand Development & Exposure

Brand AuditBrand Awareness CampaignBrand FootprintBrand Perception

Brand Audit

A Brand Audit is just that. We scrutinise your brand’s visibility, usability, like-ability and make assessments and recommendations to rectify any areas of concern as well as areas where improvements can be made and ‘how’!

Brand Awareness Campaign

If your brand needs a boost or you’re changing pace, adding new stock lines or the face of it, your brand awareness campaign creates a map for your to follow to generate the visibility and awareness you are after.

Brand Footprint

Your brand footprint is the ‘amount of times’ your brand is ‘printed’ on the net, where and how that works for and against your brand. Brands sometimes become victims of unscrupulous vendors who link the brand name throughout unsavoury websites thus causing headaches and lost leverage on search engines.

Developing the correct footprint, working with ethical contractors and ensuring that you remain within the parameters of Google-law gives your business a brighter future and many more search appearances.

And we know precisely how to help you do that! Coz we’re good like that!

Brand Perception

What people think of your brand is vital to the survival of your business… ??

If the reviews aren’t good, we can help you to source the problem, fix the perceptions and assist with ensuring these areas of your business are repaired to ensure better reviews and happier clients going forward

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