May 16, 2016

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Our Digital Marketing And Business Consulting Services provide your business with a finite map of how to harness the internet to develop your brand, which social media, marketing and software tools to use to grow your business into a viable brand and to position your brand where you will see highest value.

Who Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy?Who Attends the Meeting?Costs & Booking

Harness the Internet by having a finite plan to grow your business in 2016

Every business needs a Plan, Map and Guide to continuously grow and be on trend with their digital marketing. A finite set of actions to ensure that you are placing your business directly in front of your potential clients in the best way possible to guarantee a return on the investment made.

Regardless of your business, industry whether you need e-commerce or simply a newsletter sent out once a month, we help you to find the best way to reach  your clients using our wealth of knowledge in the digital marketing sector to gain best value for your business.

We hold a Digital Strategy Meeting / Consultation with all stakeholders to devise a plan that best suits your business’s goals through a collective discussion on

  • where your business is now,
  • where you want it  to be and
  • how we can best manoeuvre your brand

to gaining highest rankings on the search engines with a focus on highest engagement to achieve your set goals.

We recommend a tiered Consultation according to the size of your business, the size of your budget and the return required on the investment made.

At KOM Digital we like to work with collaborators whom we trust, have worked with who also share our drive, passion and tenacity. We are happy to recommend and invite:

  • Graphic Designer,
  • 3D Animations,
  • Developer,
  • Social Media Management,
  • Laser Engineering,
  • IT Whisperer.. I joke not

For Digital Marketing Strategy Consultations with a full team already on board we are very happy to collaborate with your contractors or staff to best benefit your business.

To reserve your digital marketing consultation or to discuss your requirements and budgets please Get In Touch.

Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation

Schedule of Fees:

Consultation: R1,250 / hour

Strategy: R1,250 / hour

Training: R1,250/person/3 hour session min 6.

Articles: R1,250 / article ‐ with Authorship

SEO Work: R 450 / hour

Content Writing: R500/800 word article

(all fees payable in advance)