July 23, 2016

Bonnie Crofford – Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing, Branding, Training

Thought Leadership on Digital Marketing for SMEs
Experiential and INfluencer Marketing Services

I’m Cooking Up a New Plan. Using all Other Plans as a Phase in the development of reaching the Ultimate Goal. B

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FocusMarketing, Branding, Training, Thought Leadership on Digital Positioning for SMEs


QualitiesTenacious. Intrepid Learner. An ‘issue’ is an opportunity to improve

Inspired byNature, Success, Innovation, Intelligence, Integrity & Ethics

Worked inUnited Kingdom – Whales & Kent, London

South Africa – East London, Cape Town, Hermanus (and remote clients)

Clients Located inSouth Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, United States, Nigeria


Industries : Travel & Tourism; Auto, Building, Architecture, Services, SAAS, Fashion, Exclusive Jewellery, News & Media, Exhibitions, Investments, Yachting, Corporate Organisations, and more.


What I did to get here…

Jewellery Manufacture, Sales & DesignWhat I'm doing nextFunding Opportunity

Where the Love of Design began

Whilst at School :

Saturday Mornings & School Holidays

  • Sales
  • Design & Business process

After School :

Full-time permanent

  • Jewellery Design & Goldsmith Apprenticeship
  • Jewellery Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Buying
  • Business Processes.
  • Staff Management, Training

Singularly the most important part of what I learned whilst working for my parents is that I never knew I was learning, nor did I realise how much more it taught me than anything else in my career to date, collectively. 

The ‘business school‘ I attended from the age of twelve was no different to that of the Portuguese, Jewish and others who all follow this type of in-house schooling from the moment you can blink. During job interviews in (1998) Whales at the Western Mail when I was full of confidence having been in front of clients purchasing exclusive, handmade jewellery since the age of 12, the interviewers were amazed at my sense of self, the confidence with which I answered questions related to sales & customer service and my understanding of Business in general.

International Retail Jewellery Sales – Understanding the customers needs becomes an art-form learned from the Best, Bridget Crofford.)

Voice of the Silenced

For many years I’ve been silent about many very important issues which have directly affected me and many around me. During 2016 I have been given no choice but to make my voice heard and in doing so, that of thousands like me who have experienced journeys which no child, man or woman should ever have to endure.

The Voice of the Silenced is a thought provoking journey through 5 years of trudging through seemingly insurmountable obstacles, how I overcame them all through developing Life changing techniques and tools to enhance my life and those around me.

The journey follows the people I’ve encountered, their effect on me and what I learned from them.

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