May 16, 2016

Digital Marketing Workshops

Digital Marketing & Personal Branding Workshops

Learn to use the internet to grow your personal or business brand through hands-on workshops by a highly experienced digital marketing consultant with a wealth of knowledge in Marketing, Sales, Digital Branding, Business and developing relationships with the right people to get the business/job/funding You want.

Professional Branding Workshops

Personal Branding Workshops

Personal Branding WorkshopsProfessional Branding WorkshopsBook Your Personal Or Professional Branding Workshop

Who are the Personal Branding Workshops ideal for?

All Professionals & those wishing to grow their careers

Employees to increase footprint of the brand, brand awareness & professional ‘social’ etiquette

School Leaers:: Personal Branding & Career development workshops

Even if you have a finite path, University etc all lined up, you will still need to plan a path to getting the job you want… and connect with the right people to do so. Present yourself online in a way that is most attractive to potential employers and know what needs to be there and what should definitely be left out…

If you’re in flux and not sure which direction to go in, these workshops provide you with the the tools you need to create a career path for You that follows your personal gifts and  special skills, passions and interests and turns them into a career for you.

Helping you to better understand the need to brand yourself, to maintain a High Standard of visibility online and how to manipulate your skills, experience (or lack thereof) to best gain recognition & respect from the people that matter : Your future Boss!

School Leavers Personal Branding Workshops:: R1050 per person
  • Workshops are held locally / at your school
  • A maximum of Six per Workshop (min 4)
  • 1 x Full Afternoon Session + 1 x 2 Hour Session over 2 weeks

What You need to bring::

  • Laptop
  • Notepaper /Pen (yes, making notes is important)
  • The attitude that you Have a Purpose, Skills and Gifts we can Harness (even if you don’t know what they are yet!)

Schools Arranging workshops please contact us to arrange a Bespoke series of ::

  1. A short talk to all school leavers regarding Branding & Online Profiling :: KOM Cat - Our Beloved LogoHow Vital it Is
  2. Encourage all Students to sign up for a workshop :: set dates
  3. Buy 5 Get One Free :: A Gratis space is allocated for a teacher or underprivileged student on each workshop.

To Book a Student / School Leavers Workshop or Series please Get In Touch.

Professional Branding Workshops

Business Owners: R 1, 250 per person/6 min

If you’re a business owner, CEO, COO, you need to maintain a visible presence on the Digital Landscape to continue to grow your business. Your Personal Brand is vital for the continued Trust and Relationship development of clients, suppliers, investors etc to always have an updated ‘CV’ where you can immediately be ‘accessed’ & assessed.

A personal brand gives you the ability to identify and develop relationships with stakeholders whom are best placed to serve your business now and in the future. Developing trust and providing a critical base for that trust development which is then in place for a lifetime.

Not unlike your business brand, developing your personal brand will have an immediate positive impact on your business should you take the tools we impart and use them as instructed.

Employees and Career Change Branding: R1,250 / person /6 min

As with Student / School Leavers and Business owners You Need to Have an Online Brand! We help you to create and developing your brand, finding people you need to get to where you want to go and using it as a tool to find what you want should you be looking for a change in direction.

Bespoke Career Development Workshops :: R 3, 500 – Private Session

What Happens::

  • Create & Develop a Linkedin Profile
  • Learn the basics of SEO principles to enhance your visibility
  • Understand who you need to be impressing and how to find them, connect with them and develop trusted relationships
  • Using other social media to develop yourself, what to put online and what  Not to put online.
  • The Pitfalls of personal branding and how to avoid them.

What You Get out of it::

A hands-on workshop specifically designed around what You need for Your career, Business or future. The Tools, knowledge and a better understanding of how to use the internet to best gain the leverage you need to propel your life to where you dream it to be by showing you How to brand yourself, where to brand yourself.

Using the tools we show you, the insider knowledge we have on SEO combined with the years of international marketing, sales, digital branding and business experience you will be fully equipped to take your personal brand to any level you envisage.

Personal & Professional Bespoke Branding Workshops :: R3,500 Private Sessions

  • Learn the art of Professional & Personal Branding
  • Learn to develop your brand to suit  your career goals
  • Learn to discover and develop relationships with Priority contacts
  • Learn Basic SEO
  • Using Linkedin to grow yourself
  • Other Social Media Branding

You supply your own laptop, dreams and passions… we make them work for you!


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